Mrs Liz Holdsworth (Chair)

Mrs Liz Holdsworth (Chair) graduated with a degree in Social Sciences from Liverpool University at the age of 20 and took a commission in the WRAC, rising to the rank of Captain within a year. Initially, a platoon officer, responsible for soldiers in her platoon and subsequently, a Personnel Selection Officer, interviewing girls coming into the army and allocating them into trades and employments.

On marriage to a widower with two children she left the army and after a period of adjustment and caring for the children, was appointed as a social worker at HM Prison Grendon; a mens’ psychiatric prison in Buckinghamshire.

Liz retrained in her 30s as a solicitor and, in the Law Society finals, was awarded First class honours. She was one of the early members of SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly) a national organisation of lawyers throughout the UK, specialising in issues affecting older and vulnerable adults. For several years she was a director on the SFE board in London and set up the Shropshire Regional group of SFE in Shropshire in 2000, acting as Regional Co-ordinator for 20 years.
For many years she acted for older clients and eventually specialised in the funding of long-term care, remaining part time in practice, whilst also lecturing on Funding of long term care and related issues. around the country.

In 2017 she was presented with the first lifetime achievement award that SFE have made.

She has always been passionate about issues affecting her clients, many of whom had dementia, and their families who were living with this.

In 2017 , on hearing about PALZ from Cathy and John Roth, in Australia, who have set up the organisation there she realised that those from challenging work backgrounds in the UK, who were bright intelligent people, diagnosed with dementia, from whatever cause, needed this type of organisation to provide dignity and respect at a time when they had received such earth shattering news.

She has been hugely supported in this endeavour by the local Shropshire Committee and the dedicated Trustees.

Mrs Katrina Hall

Was a mathematics teacher in a variety of schools for 32 years. In addition to her teaching role, she was at different times,
a Head of Year, a Head of Department and an Assistant Head of school.

After taking early retirement to help care for her mother, Katrina took on a number of roles assisting some elderly people with day to day tasks, including accompanying them to help with shopping and meeting friends; helping them to cope with modern technology and general household tasks. Katrina has first-hand experience of caring for someone living with dementia. In her own home, she cared for her father-in-law for several years and helped to support her mother when her father was diagnosed. She has been inspired to help with PALZ UK by seeing how beneficial the meetings are to the participants.

Mrs Christine Kendall (Governance)

Is a retired solicitor and former accredited member of Solicitors for the Elderly. Christine has acted for many clients with dementia, both in relation to their legal affairs and as their financial attorney.

She has been involved with a number of charitable organisations as a volunteer and trustee as well as representing such organisations in her professional capacity. Christine was keen to be involved with PALZ as she recognises that it meets the pressing need for provision for professionals with dementia.

Catherine Slater

Catherine was a Change Project Manager in the Finance sector working with several large financial institutions in Scotland, England and Australia over 40 years. She managed a wide variety of projects including company restructure, setting up a new charitable foundation, introducing new investment funds, managing a debt issue, and managing the production of annual report & accounts. Her commitment and drive enabled her to deliver on time, on budget and to the quality required. She moved from Scotland to Shropshire 3 years ago and now hopes to use her skills and experience to help expand PALZ UK beyond Shropshire.

Catherine is a Governor at a local Primary School with responsibility for safeguarding. She is also learning to be a bellringer and trying to improve her French. 

Catherine’s interest in dementia started when a close friend (K) was diagnosed 10 years ago with a rare form which initially impacted her speech. Catherine first met K on an MBA programme at Edinburgh University and they became firm friends, holidaying together over the years and meeting up whenever possible. K had very challenging roles in the NHS and Local Government and used her wonderful communication skills to bring people together. K had asked Catherine to be one of her attorneys under her Lasting Power of Attorney as well as an Executor for her Will and Catherine was actively involved in organising K’s care in her final years. Had there been a PALZ group in K’s area of the country, she would have been an active member and it would have helped preserve her dignity and self-worth. Catherine’s interest in expanding PALZ is to reach people like K across the UK.