On Tuesday, the 21st of March 2023 there was a double bill for a very large group of participants and their supporters. We were pleased to welcome four new participants.
Selena Graham, our excellent High Sheriff, who is reaching the end of her year’s term, gave a wonderful talk on the history of the position of High Sheriff and the role today.
This was followed by a “pile of boxes “and Bev and Ray Langton, opening these in the order, requested by members of the audience, so that either a story, or a piece of music or a song could entertain the group.
This was thoroughly enjoyed, and we are so grateful to Bev and Ray for giving so generously of their time and talents.


Room filled with people attending a speech by speaker High Sheriff Selena Graham
Photo of Liz Holdsworth from Palz UK, and High Sheriff Selena Graham
Ray and Bevington performing folk music and song to an audience