On Tuesday 19th March 2024 we were enraptured by Dr Katie Miller’s talk on the history of Shropshire from 7000BC to date. Katie took us from the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution covering the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. She explained the significance of various sites across Shropshire including Grinshill, Clee Hill, Mortimer Forest, Ludlow and Much Wenlock.
Many of the artefacts found are in the Shropshire Collection. The Bronze Age Whixall Stone found in 2018 is to be displayed for the first time in a couple of months time.
We were invited to visit the Shropshire Archaeology Lab in Ludlow at one of the drop-in sessions to discover the volunteering opportunities which support the collection management of Shropshire’s fascinating archaeology.
​​​​​​​Katie’s talk made us all realise how lucky we are to live in an area so rich in history and so important to the UK throughout time.