On Tuesday 19th September 2023 we learnt (and laughed) a lot about the world of legal liability claims in Liverpool in the 1970s.

Ian explained how he moved the 35 miles from Manchester to Liverpool and discovered a different world of humour, dialect and attitudes to insurance. As a young Mancunian in Liverpool, Ian had to grow a beard to be taken seriously by his older clients, but even then he was asked by a young colleague if he was “talking to me or chewing a brick”.

Ian’s work involved him investigating claims by visiting a huge variety of work-places from the docks to abattoirs and chicken plants. One of the most challenging was having to climb 5 stories up via a Belt Manlift.

Ian’s role also required him to attend Court when claims were contested and he treated us to a series of stories about Liverpudlians in Court as claimants, barristers and judges, but always with a uniquely Liverpudlian approach to their case.

Ian said that his natural noseyness was the key to his success at work and his time in Liverpool has lived with him throughout his life.

All present said how much they had enjoyed the talk!