On Tuesday 21st November 2023 we were entertained by Ian and Hilary Templeton’s audio-visual presentation on their travels around the USA and the UK.
We were shown a series of 9 compilations of music and photographs starting with views of Chicago to the soundtrack of Frank Sinatra singing the famous song. This was followed by a description of Lewis and Clark’s expedition in the early 1800s up the Missouri river to find the most direct and practicable water communication to the West. Lewis and Clark are well known in the USA, but only one of our audience had ever heard of them!
Next we were introduced to Wilmer McLean’s unexpected bookend roles in the America Civil War – the first battle taking place on his farm in 1861 and the surrender treaty being signed in his parlour in 1865. His story was sandwiched between a humorous rendition of “There’s a Hole in my Bucket” and Doris Day singing “Deadwood Stage” from Calamity Jane, all supported by well-chosen photographs.
After our coffee, cake and conversation break, we were taken on a tour round the UK using old railway posters and an “All Creatures Great and Small” photographic tour of Herriot’s Yorkshire. We then moved South to stunning photos of Dover, including the famous cliffs and Churchill’s tunnels under Dover Castle, whilst listening to Vera Lynn singing “The White Cliffs of Dover”. We finished our morning’s entertainment with photos of a re-enacted version of “The Bricklayer’s Story”.
A splendid mixture of delights for the eyes and the ears!